Global Future of Food Open Call

Are you part of a business that is changing the future of food for good? Can your product, service or technology be commercialised in South Africa? We invite you to apply to The Hatchery’s Growth and Expansion Open Call today!

The food system as we know it is broken, but not beyond repair. As The Hatchery, we believe we can help build a healthier and more sustainable future by funding best-in-class, game-changing businesses that address major challenges in the food system. We are partnering with innovation specialists Futureworld ( to do this in the fastest, fairest and most efficient way – so send us your application if you’re ambitious for growth and impact.

What is the problem – and the opportunity?

Experts around the world agree that our current food system is broken. Producing enough food for the world’s growing population has an increasingly negative impact on the environment, while human health is compromised by poor nutrition in both affluent and poor contexts.

With its rapidly growing population and high levels of poverty, Africa is especially vulnerable to these issues. Given that it boasts more than 65% of the world’s uncultivated arable land, Africa also has enormous potential – not only to feed itself and eliminate hunger and food insecurity, but also to be a major player in global agriculture and food provision.

For us at The Hatchery, the key to Africa and the world’s future lies in investing in innovative businesses and technologies that can help address current challenges within the food system. For this reason, we are looking for innovative solutions to a range of sustainability challenges, from nutrition to environmental sustainability, across the food value chain.

Who is The Hatchery?

The Hatchery is an investment holding company that provides growth and expansion capital to “fund the future of food” in Southern Africa. By sourcing and investing in disruptive new technologies and business models, we aim to shape a healthier and more sustainable future of food for the region. With the backing of Remgro, one of South Africa’s most prominent investment holding companies; and RCL FOODS, one of the largest food producers; The Hatchery brings together a powerful ecosystem of capital, networks and Food, Beverage and Agribusiness expertise to support our investee companies.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for disruptive businesses that leverage global technologies, expertise and innovations in the Food, Beverage, and Agribusiness sectors. We also welcome key business enablers that cut across the food value chain, such as logistics and the circular economy (e.g. water, packaging, and waste)

Key markers of the ideal finalist:

  • An appetite for international expansion into the South African market.
  • A clear, post-revenue trajectory to profitability and cash flow generation.
  • A proven product, service or technology.
  • A proven management team.

Kindly note: Businesses shortlisted for final selection need to be available to participate in an online demo with The Hatchery between 24 February and 28 February 2020.

Selected businesses can expect:

• Equity investment from The Hatchery of up to USD 3 million for growth and expansion.

• Opportunity to fast-track the development and scaling of your business in South Africa through:

– A close partnership with The Hatchery.
– Access to in-depth understanding of the South African market.
– Access to our formidable food, beverage, and logistics ecosystem.
– Access to our global and local network of key individuals.
– Guidance on adaptation of your solution (service/product/technology) to SA market.
– Input and support on building an in-country management team and strategy.

Apply Now

The application below should take no longer than 60 minutes to complete.

Key Dates

Overview of the Application Process

– 01 Application: Make sure you complete and submit your application to us before 24 February 2020, midnight SAST.

– 02 Review: Each application is reviewed to ensure completeness and suitability in relation to the problem statement. We expect this review to happen between 24 February and 26 February 2020. If more information is needed, please be available via email during this time.

– 03 Shortlisting: Once our judges have scored your application, the shortlisted businesses will be contacted for final selection.

– 04 Final selection: If your business is selected for this phase, you will be expected to complete an online/in-person meeting with The Hatchery. We will provide preparatory guidance ahead of the meetings. However, as a bare minimum, please expect to showcase your product/service or demonstrate your technology and answer questions about your business. Businesses selected as finalists for the open call will participate in The Hatchery’s standard investment process. Businesses successful in this process and due diligence, will win access to the value-added benefits of the Open Call as presented above.


For the purposes of the Growth and Expansion Open Call, The Hatchery Group (Pty) Ltd (“The Hatchery”) is defined as “the Recipient” of your company and/or personal information/ documents. The Hatchery acknowledges that this information is submitted to us in good faith, and undertakes to accept responsibility for ensuring the confidentiality of documents and/or information that is shared with us, our partners and Futureworld, within reason. Your company documents and/or personal information will not be shared or submitted in any manner or form to any party unrelated to The Hatchery before getting prior written consent to do so.